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About Us


Launched in 1997 and established to date KAYVEES has rejuvenated through variety of real estate tasks. While designing and executing development of residential and commercial premises KAYVEES has not only tackled the barriers in customer path, but also provided indistinctive solutions for number of real estate areas.

In 1997 started with a small banner, we at KAYVEES have so far travelled an honorable path of achievement and appreciation.

Right now at KAYVEES we deal with almost every aspect of real estate. Includes, developed land sell, architectural services, providing infrastructural hard skills.  We are distinctively specialized in décor of residential and commercial premises.


"Being a CEO of KAYVEES I strongly believe that, a company is a chunk of people working together for each other’s well beings. The achievement so far accomplished has a share of my associates and I am bound to provide them their needs and fulfill their dreams too." - Mr. Vinayak Nachare, CEO.

In KAYVEES dictionary customer satisfaction is a central driving force of work and infringing of his trust is a biggest sin.


Being an important service provider in nearly each aspect of real estate business we at KAYVEES continuously think about the needs of our customers.

While lending a land for industry we try to sell the barren land instead of the one producing the greens. The land selection is in a way which indirectly brings employment in the native area. The development in employment and economical status of rural areas gives us pride and joy.

KAYVEES do not have discrimination policy for larger or smaller industries. In fact we try to lend the land to the small scale industries so as to make the business canvass larger.


Quality is not always directly proportional to the cost. Sometimes a little more efforts can do what a substantial amount of money cant. At KAYVEES with efforts itself we endeavor to maintain the quality of our product.


We thoroughly believe in safety policy. We provide all required safety accessories, safety trainings and develop safety focused working environment for our employees and workers.


Currently KAYVEES is dealing in industrial development, but soon we are looking forward to enter the larger scale of business. Building roads, flying bridge and dams are the few infrastructures KAYVEES soon is going to enter.

In a very short future we are launching some residential schemes with economic housing plans in the periphery of fifty kilometers from Pune and also some farmhouse schemes.

Day by day cities are becoming crowded places. Especially cities like Pune are beckoning the masses. To provide the shelter for growing population of city is itself a challenge. In this era of growing population redevelopment is becoming a very vital part of real estate. Looking at the need of future we have already stepped in redevelopment projects and soon will be launching the schemes.


To provide the land for maximum number of industries is our aim. So far we have already developed a body of work and established a positive reputation, but our mission is to move beyond establishing the business and provide a basis for future work, which can serve as an example for the industry.


To fulfill the need of education of poor and needful is the biggest need of our society today. At KAYVEES we continuously look forward to replenish this need by developing educational support system for the concerned part of society.

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